Build a Website for your
Restaurant, in a few clics.

No time waste, no surprise.

Getting started

What's included

An elegant website

Working on any device

Online menu

Easy to share and update

Table reservations

With automatic reminders

Online Orders

For pickup or delivery


Learn about your customers


Build a sophisticated website,
in few clicks

No coding skills required, no agency, no delays, no server or hosting fees: Just you and a friendly tool.

Pick up a theme, bring your own logo, add some pictures, and make it all yours.

Change it as many times as you need, for any special occasion.

Highlight your best customer reviews and social ratings.

Your website is up within minutes, and working smoothly on any devices: phones, tablets and computers.

The best Menu experience

People tend to check online menus before choosing a restaurant: don't let them down!

Add meals, pictures, categories, daily offers, and update it as much as needed.

Your customers can easily explore by categories, preferences or diet (vegetarian, gluten-free,...).

Table reservation, a time saver

Sometimes it's not convenient to call for a table reservation, or to answer these calls: allow reservations from your website.

They pick a time, people count, preferences, provide an email address: DONE.

You check your availabilities and Accept/Decline in one click.

Reduce no-show risks with automatic reminders.

Your own online orders

For delivery or pick up.

Don't let platforms take a cut on your sales.

Customize the delivery area, fees and availabilities.

Your customers will be notified of any progress in their orders.

Takes online pre-payment* to get rid of any fake orders risk.

* online payments require a Stripe account (free), and generate small card processing fees, about 2% (as it probably does at your registers).


paid monthly



Website (basic)
Online menu (basic)


$2 /dayexcl. vat

as a $730 yearly payment
Website (advanced)
Online menu (advanced)
Online reservations (basic)
Bring your own www.domain
1 Free .com domain


$7 /dayexcl. vat

as a $2555 yearly payment
Website (advanced)
Online menu (advanced)
Online reservations (advanced)
Bring your own www.domain
1 Free .com domain
Online orders



What is exactly?

How does it work?

Do I need to know code, server configuration or database?

Can I use my own domain name?

Should I install an app or a software on my PC?


How much does it cost?

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Why is it more expensive to pay monthly than yearly?

I could sell my delivery services on platforms for free, why should I pay to use

I know someone that could build my website for way cheaper, are your trying to scam me?

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